Evolutionary Genetics ➜ Population Genetics

  • Date: W45-W47
  • Lecturer: Jean-Claude Walser
  • Update: 19-Nov-2020


Welcome to the course website of Evolutionary Genetics - Population Genetics. This website is part of the course material and should help you with links, downloads, exercises and more.





Download the program PopG. It is a Java application and it will run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems if you have Java installed. It is a nice application to simulate one-locus, two-allele populations to better understand the effect of natural selection, mutation, migration, and genetic drift.

HardyWeinberg - R package

The HardyWeinberg R package contains a nice collection of tools for exploring HW equilibrium (Hardy, 1908; Weinberg, 1908) for bi- and multi-allelic genetic marker data.


learnPopGen - R package

LearnPopGen is a new R package by Revell (2019)[Revell-2019-Ecology_and_Evolution.pdf] for population genetic simulation. LearnPopGen can be installed directly from the Comprehensive R Archive Network, CRAN (https://CRAN.R‐project.org/package=learnPopGen).



You have to hand in a markdown or Rmarkdown based HTML report with your solutions.

➜ Deadline: 04.12.20


Once I have received the assigments I will release the solutions. You do not have to hand in all the assignmetns together but can split it into the different chapters: HWE, Genetic Drift, Effective Population Size, and Non-Random Mating.


NaturalSelection (by Carolita Johnson)