Evolutionary Genetics

  • Lecture: UniBS - Evolutionary Genetics (LV25600-01)
  • Dates: W39-W41 & W45-W47 & W48-W50
  • Lecturers: Jean-Claude Walser / Walter Salzburger
  • Last Update: Tue Dec 8 2020

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This year we adjust the course schedule to avoid overlapping or closely spaced classes and keep crowd size minimal at the Zoological Institute. There is a 3 week gap between the first module (Bioinformatics) and the other two modules (Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution).

The lecture on Speciation by Daniel Berner is independent and not part of Evolutionary Genetics.


The course comprises three modules. Each module lasts 3 weeks. We start with Bioinformatics to teach you the basics skills to handle sequence data in a more efficient and reproducible way. After the 3-weeks gap we continue with Population Genetics were you learn to better understand the forces that shape populations. The last module, Molecular Evolution, will provide you an introduction into the process that changes sequence composition. The lessons take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. in the small lecture hall (1. Floor), Zoological Institute, Vesalgasse 1.

Week(s) Module Lecturer
W39 - W41 Bioinformatics Jean-Claude Walser
W45 - W47 Population Genetics Jean-Claude Walser
W48 - W50 Molecular Evolution Walter Salzburger
W51 Exam

Possible Last Minute Changes

In time of coronavirus nothing is certain, and everything is possible. Therefore, it is likely that we have to make adjustments according to the situation and regulations.


⦿ Overview


⦿ Bioinformatics (W39-W41)

⦿ Population Genetics (W45-W47)

⦿ Molecular Evolution (organized by Walter Salzburger)

Final Exam

Final Exam

Data: Thurday, 17.12.2020
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Location: Vesalianum, Praktikumsraum (O1.20)


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